all the other beasts

inhabit the beauty that lives in your beastly body and strive to see the beauty in all the other beasts.
cheryl strayed

My name is Joanna.

i like magic and mountains, humans and animals, and making stuff.

i am the creative director at an awesome company called soapbox films, where i write and direct and have ideas and stuff. we make cool things.

you can find me on social media at all those places on the bottom of the page. there are lots of places.




here's a fancier bio for Important Things:

Joanna Truman is a writer and filmmaker living in Los Angeles, CA, where she is the creative director at Soapbox Films, a production company whose clients include Disney, Disney•Pixar, Fox, and Dreamworks. She attended the Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts and graduated with a BFA in film production. Her fiction has previously been published in Luna Station Quarterly and used in audio form in the nationally-broadcast NPR program "To The Best Of Our Knowledge". She lives with two cats and a dog and thus is utterly outnumbered in most decisions. She writes stories about the fantastic and the dreamy, the wondrous and wild. You can find her at